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Komplektis kõik vajalik INE-W928R paigalduseks.
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Audi A4/Seat Exeo Paigalduskomplekt INE-W928R


Komplekt on mõeldud Audi A4 mudelitele vahemikus 2001 and 2008 (B6/ B7) ja Seat Exeo-le.
Komplektis on kõik kinnituseks vajalikud detailid ning roolilt juhtimise plokk, mis eraldab ka vajaliku ACC signaali CAN-ist, samuti kiiruse ja käsipiduri signaalid.
Komplektis ka vajalik antenniadapter.

119 €
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Works with cars that were equipped with one of the following 2 DIN factory systems:

  • Chorus Gen.II+
  • Concert Gen.II+
  • Symphony II / Symphony II+
  • RNS-D, RNS-E, RNS-low (BNS 5.0)

The steering wheel remote interface includes adapters to maintain the original amplifier of the Audi sound system if desired.

For A4 (B6) models which have been equipped with one of 1 DIN models listed below, Audi dealers can provide parts for changing the 1 DIN installation slot to a 2 DIN space.

  • Radio Chorus II
  • Radio Concert II
  • Radio Symphony II

Audi parts needed for 2 DIN conversion:

  • 2 DIN radio bay: 8E0-858-005-D
  • Climate controller without switches for seat heaters: 8E0-820-043-BJ
    Climate controller with switches for seat heaters: 8E0-820-043-BK
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KIT-8A4 Content:

  • Installation Kit (frame and metal brackets)
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion
  • Cable Harness with Quadlock connector
  • Cable Harness with ISO connectors
  • Antenna Adapter with phantom feed
  • Screws
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