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All necessary parts for installation in one kit.
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X800D-U / INE-W928R Paigalduskomplekt autodele Mercedes A (W169), B (T245), ja Vito / Viano (639)


Retain Steering Wheel Remote Control and Vehicle Display Functions

The series of 8 inch installation kits for the Mercedes platforms simplifies installation and makes X800D-U / INE-W928R work in the target vehicle.

The parts for mechanical fitting are included as well as a steering wheel remote control interface with conversion of CAN signals to analogue.

Full functionality of the vehicles multi-Function display is maintained.

Antenna adapter with phantom feed is included.

155 €
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Supports basic functions of original steering wheel remote control including telephone hook on/off. Full functionality of the vehicles multi-Function display is maintained.

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KIT-8MB Content:

  • Installation kit for Mercedes A Class (W169), B Class (T245), Vito / Viano (639)
  • Steering wheel remote control interface with CAN to analogue conversion, multi-Function display support
  • The interface comes with two harnesses (Quadlock and ISO).
  • It allows preset change in radio mode on short push of the arrows, long push will search.
  • The system automatically "wakes" when the driver unlocks the doors
  • Antenna Adapter with phantom feed


Compatible Cars

Maker Model Model year
Mercedes A Class (W169) 09/2004 - 04/2012
Mercedes B Class (T245) 06/2005 - 06/2011
Mercedes Vito / Viano (639) 04/2006 - 2014