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Anti-reflective Screen Protector for iLX-F115D


Protect your Alpine Halo 11 (iLX-F115D) touch-screen from scratches, fingerprints and sunlight glare. This self-adhesive, protective film can be easily applied to the display of the iLX-F115D. It highly improves visibility of your display by reducing sunlight reflections and finger prints. It also improves the overall picture contrast and protects your screen from scratches.
The KAE-HF11DA is especially recommended for motorhome drivers using a Halo11 system, due to the high location of the display in the dashboard.

30 €
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  • iLX-F115D_Media-Receiver-Sound-Settings
    XXL 11" ja 1-DIN korpusega Meediavastuvõtja , DAB+, Apple CarPlay ja Android Auto