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Pardakaamera Andmebaasi Uuendus

See Pardakaamera Andmebaasi uuendus on mõeldud Alpine pardakaameratele DVR-F800PRO ning DVR-F200.

Andmebaasi Uuendus – Märkused

  • Andmebaasi Uuendus
  • Andmebaasi töötamise parandus

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Kiiruskaamerate hoiatuste kasutamine võib olla mõnedes riikides keelatud. Enne selle funktsiooni aktiveerimist ole sellest teadlik.

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Andmebaasi uuendus vaid DVR-F800PRO ning DVR-F200 (2.1 MB) 06.08.2020


Dash Cam Viewer for PC and MAC OS

The Alpine Dash Cam Viewer is a free-of-charge download and allows you to view your recorded videos and see important information such as GPS location, crash sensor data and driving speed at the time of recording. Available for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MAC OS 10.x. / macOS Catalina Compatible with Alpine Advanced Dash Cams DVR-F800PRO and DVR-F200.