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Tarkvara Uuendus

See tarkvara uuendus on mõeldud ainult mudelitele Alpine PDP-E800DSP.

Igale seadmele eraldi uuendus. Kui sa pole selle uuenduse vajalikkuses kindel, võta ühendust edasimüüjaga.


Firmware R24 Release note:

  • Bugfix: Input attenuation of channel 1+2 will be stored in the presets.


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Tarkvara uuendus AINULT mudelile PDP-E800DSP – 05.12.2018


Alpine Sound Lab software for PDP-E800DSP

Expert sound tuning with your PC

Download the Alpine Sound Lab software for PDP-E800DSP and install it on your PC (compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10).

Connect your PC via USB cable or wirelessly through WiFi to the Alpine PDP-E800DSP to start tuning your audio system.