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CAN > UART vaheplokk VW platvormi masinatele (MIB-PQ - Seat, Skoda ja VW)


Säilitab rooliltjuhtimise, spidomeetriploki ekraaniinfo, parkimisabi, soojenduse/jahutuse visuaalse teabekuva

Vahetades välja tehaseraadio ei pea te kaotama enam neid kasulikke funktsioone. APF-X300VW on lahendus mis säilitab need samad funktsioonid. Vaheplokk toetab ka VW raadioekraani spidomeetriplokil (MFD) ning VW roolilt juhtimise funktsiooni.


Uuenda oma Golf 6 Alpine Style abil


VW Golf 6 9” Puutetundliku ekraaniga Navigatsioonisüsteem, TomTom kaardid, "Apple CarPlay" ning "Android Auto" tugi


The X903D-G6 Alpine Style navigation system for the Volkswagen Golf 6: get perfect system integration for your Golf and enjoy amazing infotainment features.

The 3rd generation system for the Golf 6 features a much faster navigation CPU and larger system memory for smooth system operation. You can now also zoom in and out of the navigation map using finger pinch gestures.

Only Alpine offers the biggest screen size possible (9-inch), as well as extensive media options including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and cutting edge iGo Primo Nextgen navigation with TomTom maps. You also get high-end sound quality and sound tuning options with this great system. Perfect vehicle integration with premium components. Performance without compromise.